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Redefining the finish line for your project

Paladin doesn’t see Final Completion as your project’s finish line.
Your finish line is the life of the building.

A partner that thinks about your building like you do can transform your project


Or are you done, done?

Don’t let lingering issues inherited from construction bog your business down. Instead, solve them with Paladin’s mix of accountability, tracking, and verification so that you can truly focus on your business.

How do I operate this?

Simply handing over a set of keys and a stack of manuals is not enough to keep your facility running. Paladin helps define who is operating the building (and how they do it) and ensures the project is built with those operators in mind. The tools and knowledge base we provide will keep it operating for years to come.

What matters to you?

Building strategies vary by hold period, occupant type, market served, sustainability goals and countless other factors. Paladin excels at quantifying the drivers of your business, presenting goal-fulfilling options and setting your project on a course for strategic success.

At the end of the day…

this is your building and more than anyone, you should be happy with the outcome

Game Changer in Building SystemsTM

because our team is committed to your win

We balance the strong defense of our commissioning with the skilled offense of our engineering and consulting services to redefine the finish line for your project.


Direct-to-owner solutions to building systems challenges. We help you leap the engineering hurdles holding your buildings back.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Deft planning, strategy, and support in pursuit of your specific business goals. 


Demonstrating (and assisting) fulfillment of your goals through design, testing, and turnover commissioning.

Technical Services

Contractors need Game Changers too, so Paladin DTS is the ultimate team player for Construction Industry clients, providing building-focused digital and technical solutions. Please see our sister company for information.


WE stand by our work

FedEx Freight Facility

FedEx Freight Facility

Paladin provided Whole Building Commissioning and Sustainability Administration services for Ecofibre U.S. Headquarters, a 50,000 sq. ft. facility containing a combination of office, manufacturing, and warehousing spaces.
4th Street Live!

4th Street Live!

4th Street Live! had not completed a LEED project before and asked Paladin to support the design and owner teams in strategy development, sustainability credit documentation, and certification support.
Belknap Residence Hall, Phase I

Belknap Residence Hall, Phase I

UofL’s Belknap Residence Hall – Phase I is an $87,000,000 modern housing facility serving first-year students that opened in 2021. In close proximity to educational facilities, the hall is home to 452 students throughout the academic year and countless students in summer programs. Phase II is a twin of Phase I and scheduled for opening in time for Fall 2022 semester.

When the finish line is a building that works

the transformation story is measurable

“In my experience, Paladin has always brought value to a project, resulting in a building project that performs better, is more maintenance friendly, and is just a better quality product for the Owner.”

Randy Brookshire
Principal Architect
BCTC Classroom/Student Services Building

“Paladin is one of the few firms that truly understands what commissioning consists of. They look at all aspects of the building and how the users interface with the building. They ask the right questions and come up with workable solutions. Paladin has deployed a plan to implement commissioning on over 50 buildings and continues to produce great results.”

David Marshall
Formerly Department of Military Affairs

“Paladin goes beyond just construction drawing reviews; they view the drawings from an operator perspective. The result is a product which is not only constructible, but also operational.”

Ken Marks
Formerly KCTCS


Here’s a list of questions we hear often

Certified WBENC
Kentucky Minority Women Business Enterprise
Kentucky Minority Women Business Enterprise