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The Paladin belief is not just about playing the game, but changing it.

We are a professional services firm focused on raising the bar in building systems and the built environment — innovating how they are designed, tested, managed and operated.  Our people-centric approach, that reveres our client’s goals, the user’s perspective and our Game Changers’ caliber, delivers superior quality service and an ongoing value to our clients.

Paladin Engineers Game Changer In Building Systems


Design Is King

Solid engineering is king for a building. Especially when it involves interpreting the standards and needs of the owner and articulating them into the design.

Paladin Engineers Game Changer In Building Systems


Execution Is Queen.

Commissioning is all about excellence in execution. Just as a King needs his Queen, design needs commissioning. Too many buildings do not fulfill the owner’s needs or the design’s intent.

Paladin Engineers Game Changer In Building Systems

Technical Services.

Paladin Is A Game Changer.

Building owners often face challenges large and small that aren’t in neat packages. Paladin offers a range of Technical Services designed to help overcome obstacles they face.

“In my experience, Paladin has always brought value to a project, resulting in a building project that performs better, is more maintenance friendly, and is just a better quality product for the Owner.”

Randy Brookshire
Principal Architect
BCTC Classroom/Student Services Building

“Paladin is one of the few firms that truly understands what commissioning consists of. They look at all aspects of the building and how the users interface with the building. They ask the right questions and come up with workable solutions. Paladin has deployed a plan to implement commissioning on over 50 buildings and continues to produce great results.”

David Marshall
Department of Military Affairs

“Paladin goes beyond just construction drawing reviews; they view the drawings from an operator perspective. The result is a product which is not only constructible, but also operational.”

Ken Marks


Government – Higher Education – Healthcare – Industrial – Commercial – Military – Other

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