Existing Building

Since 1986, Paladin has worked inside existing buildings identifying root causes and creating recommended actions. There are four unique factors that Paladin works to address:

One of the realities of an existing building effort is that change is not only about the system, but also about the operation of the system. This introduces a new complexity which is “How do we help the users of the facility learn how to use their new system?” Consequently, Paladin’s existing building projects introduce Owner Input. These opportunities are imperative to transferring ownership of the new system so that the improvements are not Paladin’s ideas, they are the Project Team’s decisions.

Building systems are interdependent. Sorting through the symptoms to get to the root cause of the problem can be an iterative testing and review process. Paladin includes opportunities for levels of investigation, allowing flexibility in the way we get to the root cause of a system issue.

Each organization has their own financial metrics that must be satisfied. Part of Paladin’s presentation of solutions is to understand those metrics and present the information so that the financial component of building systems decisions can be satisfied. This begins by understanding the financial drivers for Owner’s businesses and customizing our reports to provide the necessary information.

As a professional multi-service company, Paladin is able to identify the issues as well as develop and implement the solutions. Whether that’s an engineered design, sequence modifications, capital project, or other mechanism, Paladin will not only share what needs to be done, but also see it through completion. For the Owner, this means efficiently managed, cost effective solutions.

PALADIN Existing Building Process

Paladin Existing Building Process