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Danforth Hall and Kettering Hall

Berea College | Berea, Kentucky

PROJECT NAME Danforth Hall and Kettering Hall
SERVICE Commissioning
COMPLETION DATE 2020 and 2021
SIZE 47,000 sq. ft.

The Project

These projects were both initiated as replacements for outdated residence halls that were built in 1971. Danforth Hall and Kettering Hall are both approximately 47,000 sq. ft. replacements for the existing Danforth Hall and Kettering Hall on Berea College’s campus. The residence halls feature 174 beds and 1-bedroom apartments. These projects were designed to increase student engagement and occupancy. Danforth Hall features a host of amenities to make it a living and learning community including three study rooms, four common spaces, two flat-screen TVs, and a ping-pong table. Similarly, Kettering Hall features lounge areas on each floor, a pool table, student lounges, and multiple study rooms. Additionally, both halls include kitchens and laundry facilities. 

The Work

Paladin played a dual role in the Danforth Hall project: First, as LEED Administrator guiding the sustainability initiatives and strategies for the facility and second as the Whole Building Commissioning Provider to meet LEED Fundamental enhanced for MEP, and Enhanced for Building Envelope Commissioning. For Kettering Hall, Paladin played a key role as Commissioning Provider. The scope of systems commissioned for both Danforth Hall and Kettering Hall included: Plumbing, HVAC and Controls, Electrical, Electronic Safety and Security, and Building Envelope systems.

The Impact

The Danforth and Kettering Hall Replacements achieved LEED Silver Certification while remaining cost efficient, durable, and easy to maintain. The new halls included a 48.1% reduction in water use for both halls. 

The new residence halls allow students to live in a sustainable atmosphere while educating them about the benefits and values of sustainable living. The LEED Silver certification reflects Berea’s efforts to make sustainability a key part of its goals. 

Through Triple Bottom Line Analysis, it was revealed that additional investment in sustainable design and construction strategies returned over $2,500,000 to the stakeholders for Danforth Hall and an equivalent amount for Kettering Hall. 

Danforth Hall Sustainability Statistics

Kettering Hall Sustainability Statistics