LEED Projects Lexington KY

Technical Services and Energy Projects

Building Owners often face challenges large and small that aren’t in neat packages. Paladin offers a range of Technical Services designed to help overcome obstacles they face, from a technical training program for your maintenance personnel to forensic engineering, to coordination drawings, to energy analysis projects.

Paladin’s experience with facility operations, energy management, and understanding equipment operations allows us to efficiently identify obstacles that prevent a client’s goals from becoming realized and work to develop solutions. Our relentless pursuit for positive results help owners and operators see the “light at the end of the tunnel.”


  1. Energy Audits
  2. Energy Improvement Studies
  3. Conditions Assessments
  4. EnergyStar Registration
  5. Enterprise Energy Management


  1. LEED Administration
  2. 3-D Coordination Drawings
  3. Process Equipment Designs
  4. Technical Procurement
  5. Turn-Key Design
  6. Contract Administration
  7. Building Automation Systems Standardization
  8. Operations Training