Direct-for-owner solutions to building systems challenges. We help you leap the engineering hurdles holding your buildings back.

Paladin’s direct-for-owner design engineering includes value added, technical solutions and construction administration. Expertise in the use and application of designed and installed systems is a hallmark of our projects. Attention to constructability and operability improves the transition from Construction to Warranty. Specializing in industrial and manufacturing related projects means that we understand the project is not finished until it’s working.

    Engineering services encompass:

    1. Industrial infrastructure
    2. Industrial process
    3. Industrial automation
    4. Process systems
    5. Building Automation Systems
    6. Existing Building Improvements
    7. Central Utility Plants
    8. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing


    Demonstrating fulfillment of your goals through design support, testing, and documentation.

    The commissioning discipline may have started as a way to achieve energy savings, but we consider that benefit a side dish these days. We believe the real purpose of commissioning is an array of successfully operating systems: building envelopes that keep out rain and unconditioned air, HVAC systems that heat and cool efficiently and comfortably, electrical systems that provide reliable and safe power, plumbing that moves water where you want it at the right temperatures, security that admits the people you want in and excludes those you want out. Sadly, those statements about system operations aren’t a sure thing, no matter how clearly you’ve demanded them. Fortunately, you have Paladin to review, observe, test, and document just how well they’re working then help solve things that go wrong. We help you achieve your end goals of comfortable people, secure assets…yes, and energy savings.

    Commissioning services encompass:

    1. Existing Building/Retro-Commissioning
    2. LEED Commissioning
    3. Monitoring Based Commissioning
    4. New Construction Commissioning
    5. Ongoing Commissioning
    6. Whole Building Commissioning
    7. Building Envelope Systems
    8. Controls Systems
    9. Fire Suppression and Life Safety Systems
    10. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Systems
    11. Security Systems

    Building Consulting Services

    Deft planning, strategy, and support in pursuit of your specific business goals

    Technical needs are not limited to blank canvas capital projects. That’s why Paladin provides sustainability consulting, process methods, technical procurement, operations training and support, and conditions assessments, among other services, to give you the information and the expertise needed for your buildings. These engineering-related services help advance your initiatives and projects then accelerate with support from our team of hands-on professionals on a vast array of technical systems including:

    Building services encompass:

    1. Conditions Assessments
    2. Controls Integration
    3. Enterprise Building Automation Systems
    4. Program Development
    5. LEED Administration
    6. Maintenance and Operations Assessments
    7. Operations Training
    8. Technical Equipment Procurement

    Paladin DTS

    Contractors need Game Changers too, so Paladin DTS is the ultimate team player for Construction Industry clients, providing building-focused digital and technical solutions. Please see our sister company for information. Offering coordination drawings, 3-D scanning, testing, and field services.