New Construction Process

New Construction

To improve the outcome of New Construction Projects, Paladin introduces a few key elements to each effort, a game changer that benefits our clients.

Documented Owners Project Requirements (OPR) are a tool necessary for each project. This begins by understanding the Owner’s priorities for the building. It becomes refined by identifying the operational preferences, the contractual needs, the user requests, and the lessons learned. Articulating these criteria in a comprehensive OPR is a tool Paladin deploys to ensure that the building envisioned is realized at completion.

When we approach a project, we are thinking from the operators’ perspective. Maintenance, ease of use, simplicity and appropriateness of sequences and instrumentation, among other items can improve the users’ experience with the new building. Building is a one-time event, but maintenance is for a lifetime.

A truly coordinated schedule looks at the late-stage integration activities and plans for those well in advance. Paladin works to help the construction Team discuss the Owner-furnished items, the third tier sub coordination needs, and the long lead items early so that a plan can be put in place to meet the projected completion dates.

Well defined, Owner informed training requirements are imperative to an Operator understanding how to use their new facility and consequently keep it performing ideally for many years to come.

PALADIN New Construction Process

Paladin New Construction Process