Project Name
Cabinet for Human Resources Complex
Commonwealth of Kentucky Division of Mechanical Services
Existing Building Commissioning and Conservation Measure Design
Completion Date
429,000 sq. ft.
Project Budget
The Project

The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s energy management information system, nicknamed CEMCS, identified that the CHR Building was significantly underperforming. Utility consumption was at 110-118 kBtu/sq. ft. (approximately $680,000/year).

The Commonwealth saw this building as a prime candidate for energy conservation measures with the additional benefit of addressing comfort issues that had been disturbing occupants.

The Work

Paladin first investigated the facility and through energy analysis and sequence modifications identified an approximate $80,000/year savings by revising chilled water pumping strategies and recovering heat from computer room servers.

In addition to the no-cost/low-cost improvements, Paladin recommended several capital projects to further improve the building’s energy efficiency.

Accepted recommendations include:

  • Replacement of existing air terminal units;
  • Modifications to the outside air and exhaust air equipment;
  • Perimeter heat and plenum heater controls improvements; and
  • Building pressurization control improvements.

The impact

Paladin’s solutions achieved a 27% energy reduction per year (approximately $204,000/year), equating to an ROI of 5.0% in energy savings alone.