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Collaboration with Paladin…Smooth as Kentucky Bourbon

Changing the Game

In modern architecture, an early collaboration between architects and Paladin’s commissioning and sustainability teams has the potential to create projects that not only run smoother but are environmentally conscious and operationally efficient. This integration can result in buildings with a reduced carbon footprint, contributing positively to the environment and human well-being.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Paladin as we integrated sustainability measures to achieve our client’s target rating using the Green Globes system. Their extensive experience in sustainability measures, available documentation, and analyzing cost impact was of immense help not only to our design team but also to the Contractor during construction. Their partnership approach was highly valued by all parties, resulting in a seamless workflow as we tackled the real-life challenges of implementation.”

— Senait Kassa | Trapani & Associates, President of AIA Kentucky

Holistic Design Approach

Architects and Paladin’s sustainability team have distinct yet interconnected roles. Architects rightly focus on the creative aspects of design, while Paladin’s sustainability team brings its expertise in energy efficiency, green materials, and environmental impact. Working in collaboration, the design seamlessly integrates with functionality, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness.

“As a sustainability expert, we rely on Paladin’s broad range of expertise with different project types to help bring real-world experiences and knowledge to our sustainability goals. As a commissioning agent, we know we can rely on Paladin’s thorough reporting and issue tracking to ensure the client’s sustainability goals are realized in the finished project.”

— Marty Merkel, AIA, LEED AP | JRA Architects


Enhanced Efficiency

Collaborating with Paladin can lead to designs that optimize energy consumption, reduce energy waste, and enhance indoor environmental quality. Buildings not only adhere to sustainability standards but offer long-term operational cost savings. Paladin’s commissioning team brings a wealth of expertise in ensuring a building’s systems function optimally and efficiently. Our early involvement in the design phase helps identify the nuances of system integration, leading to better-informed design decisions.

Real-Time Problem Solving

Architects with Paladin on the team can identify potential challenges early in the design phase. This preemptive problem solving minimizes costly revisions during construction and ensures that goals are maintained.

Sustainable Synergy

Integrating diverse perspectives stimulates creativity. Paladin’s team is well-versed in the latest green building practices, energy-efficient technologies, and renewable energy solutions. By collaborating with architects, our team can provide valuable insights into material choices, building orientation, daylight utilization, and passive design strategies.

“I’ve been lucky to work with Paladin’s sustainability consultants on multiple, complex projects over the last several years and the experience continues to be exceptional. Their guidance during design has directly resulted in more thorough sustainability pursuits. Their diligence and leadership during construction administration and unwavering commitment to ensuring the project meets the desired sustainability metrics is unparalleled.

— Chad Gallas, AIA | Omni Architects

Lifecycle Considerations

Architects focus on the design and construction phases, but the true impact of a building extends far beyond. Commissioning consultants verify that a building’s systems are well designed and effectively maintained over its lifecycle, ensuring longevity and minimizing energy waste. Sustainability consultants, in turn, emphasize the importance of selecting durable materials that age gracefully and require minimal upkeep.

Performance Validation

Aesthetics and intent must translate into reality. Commissioning consultants play a crucial role in validating that a building’s systems operate as intended, achieving the desired levels of comfort, efficiency, and functionality. Paladin’s meticulous testing and verification processes identify any deviations from the design intent, allowing architects to make necessary adjustments. Our sustainability consultants add another layer of validation by monitoring energy consumption and post-occupancy environmental performance, ensuring that the building continues to meet sustainability targets over time.

“Paladin is a top-tier commissioning group that continues to outperform the competition. They have continued to grow in pursuit of building envelope methodologies and applications and provide guidance during design to ensure detailing can be executed successfully. Their willingness to troubleshoot items during construction with the entire team is a great benefit and ensures that the owner receives a quality, high-performing facility”

— Chad Gallas, AIA | Omni Architects

Educational Exchange

Cross-disciplinary learning fosters professional growth. Architects and Paladin can learn from each other’s expertise. Architects gain insights into the latest sustainable technologies, while our team gains a deeper understanding of design aesthetics.