About Paladin

Game Changing Culture

As a Game Changer we focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, ones built on mutual trust, respect, and solid performance. With a reputation for integrity and reliability, it is easy to see why 71% of our projects are from repeat clients.  To secure this foundation, our team embodies nine principles, individually and collectively, that shape our decisions, interactions, and responses.

These principles are crucial in accomplishing our game changing Mission — to transform the built environment and the way buildings are operated.

DISCERNMENT — A Paladin Game Changer is able to get to the root cause.

COMMUNICATION — A Paladin Game Changer has strong listening skills, is respectful and appropriate with all information and interactions.

IMPACT — A Paladin Game Changer pushes through obstacles, is results oriented, and has a consistent and amazing performance record.

INQUISITIVENESS — A Paladin Game Changer seeks to understand, is eager to learn, and broadly knowledgeable about our industry.

INNOVATION — A Paladin Game Changer challenges prevailing assumptions and adapts solutions.

COURAGE — A Paladin Game Changer says what needs to be said, making tough decisions and smart risks.

PASSION — A Paladin Game Changer cares intensely about Paladin and client successes.

HONESTY — A Paladin Game Changer tells the truth with good intent, is non-political, and quick to admit mistakes.

SELFLESSNESS — A Paladin Game Changer desires what is best for Paladin and our client rather than what is best for them. They are ego-less when communicating with project teams, and share information openly and proactively.

Company History

1986 — Paladin Technical Services, Inc. formed as an existing conditions assessment firm focused in healthcare

1999 — Changed their name to Paladin, Inc.

2001 — Completes the first public sector commissioning project in Kentucky for Montgomery County Schools

2003 — Authors the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Division of Engineering and Contract Administration Commissioning Master Specifications

2005 — Trademarks the tagline “Building Systems That Work

2009 — Becomes a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise

2010 — Initiates The Paladin Building Sciences Scholarship for Kentucky Community and Technical College students transferring to four year institutions to pursue building related fields

2010 — Completes the first design – warranty building envelope commissioning project for KCTCS

2014 — Begins KCTCS integration into the Commonwealth’s Energy Management and Control System (CEMCS).

2015 — Relocates offices to 121 Old Lafayette Avenue in Lexington, Kentucky

2016 — Trademarks tagline “Game changers in building systems” to reflect the level and diversity of focus we have on supporting successful projects

Memberships and Associations