Paladin Engineers Game Changer

What is a Game Changer?

When one dramatically changes the course, strategy, and character of a project to surpass expectations. How does Paladin change it? By utilizing specific capabilities to an advantage that benefits the project, thus benefitting our client.

Paladin Perceptiveness — By examining buildings at various perspectives, from the maintenance personnel to the user, Paladin ascertains and is able to reduce the hidden costs of operating a facility, so owners/users can focus on what matters most, their own work.

Paladin Synergy — Projects are not successful because of one person, rather it takes teamwork to succeed. Therefore we look to collaborate forces with the project team, understand new approaches, and expedite solid discussions that result in finding the best possible solutions for your project.

Paladin Ingenuity — Paladin employs the best practices from many of the leading associations in the building and design industries. By innovating both new and old ideas, we are able to determine when a project requires us to be prescriptive or adaptive.

Paladin Solution-based Tenacity — Identifying problems are the goals of some companies, but at Paladin it’s about pursuing solution-oriented processes. When a problem is discovered, we focus our energy on developing strategic solutions and persist until the problem is fixed.

Communication — Disseminating information to our clients in a balanced manner is vital. Too much, or a lack of communication, can strain or even ruin a relationship, so our game changers seek to act accordingly with your expectations in regards to project updates.

Macro and Micro Vision — Systems are traditionally looked at separately: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and envelope. Today’s interconnected building systems require cross-talent teams to work the entire project lifecycle and across the system discipline. At Paladin, we bring our multilevel team of design, energy management, controls expertise, commissioning, technical mechanics, and organizational and facility management to the table. So when we are creating a solution everyone views the entire scope at once, from macro to micro, that is as efficient as possible.

Now, that is a “Game changer in building systems.”